Imitation is not salvation. But salvation brings imitation. - John Piper
  1. "Being equally yoked has more to do with pace. Being equally yoked means you run as fast as you can towards Jesus, and when you reach your top speed, you look to your side to see who can keep up with you and that is who you marry."
    — Damon Thompson
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  2. I am in love with this song right now! An electronic/indie/pop vibe. Plus, 100% of the proceeds goes to missions! (Taken with Instagram)

    I am in love with this song right now! An electronic/indie/pop vibe. Plus, 100% of the proceeds goes to missions! (Taken with Instagram)

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  3. A Christian who forgets the prominent place of prayer in our epic battle to bring Jesus to this dark world is a useless warrior stripped of his weapon. Pray is not poetic language of a polite society. Prayer is down in the muck and the trenches, releasing the power of God into every situation faced. Prayer is the weapon of trench warfare and I don’t know if you’ve noticed but we are fighting in those trenches.

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  5. "If I told you that I was late because I had an encounter with a 30 ton logging truck going 120 miles per hour that ran me over, there would only be two logical conclusions. One, I’m a liar or two, I’m a mad man. You would say, brother Paul, it is impossible to have an encounter with something as large as a logging truck and not be changed. And then my question to you would be, what is larger, a logging truck or God? How is it that so many people today profess to have had an encounter with Jesus Christ and yet they are not permanently changed?"
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  6. "Worship is your identity before it’s your activity. You don’t worship once a week, you worship your way through each moment of each day."
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  7. God can’t force us to study his Word, that is our choice. But it is more than study, it is allowing the Spirit to put that Word into effect in our living: “dwell in you richly”. It is seeing the Word come alive in all its depth when it says to love one another, to respect the elders, to love your enemies. God will write it upon our heart and the Spirit will enrich our lives with it as the Word takes life through our living. It is amazing stuff that works from the inside out but we have to let it, allow it, permit it, make way for it, submit to it, invite it in.

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  8. If we are getting up in the morning and saying to ourselves, “Today I am going to be more loving”, we will fail. But if we get up in the morning and say, “To you Jesus I surrender this day and I am determined to follow the Spirit all day long”, you will find yourself being more loving. Most of us do not understand the difference.

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  9. We often sing about God’s majesty, but do we really behold it? The word majesty has a few definitions, but my favorite and the one I believe best describes God’s majesty is this: an imposing grandeur. God’s greatness makes us know how small we are compared to Him; we can’t help but look upon Him with awe and a holy fear. Matt Chandler used standing at the edge of the Grand Canyon as an analogy. You know that one misstep off the edge and you’re done; you are pint size compared to these huge rocks and crevasses. God is so much bigger than that! Habakkuk 3:10 says of the Lord, “The mountains saw you and writhed.” Even the towering mountains shrunk back in the light of God’s grandeur! Truly that is a testament to God’s majesty. Creation can’t help but to proclaim His greatness. Jesus said in Matthew that even if His people were silent, the rocks would cry out in praise (Matt 19:40). If we get ahold of God’s majesty, our worship will never be the same! It is impossible to be in His presence and not be in awe.

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  10. "A woman who fears the Lord will not run away from God to satisfy her longings and relieve her anxieties. She will wait for the Lord. She will hope in God. She will stay close to the heart of God and trust in his promises. The prospect of departing into the way of sin will be too fearful to pursue; and the benefits of abiding in the shadow of the Almighty too glorious to forsake"
    — John Piper  (via praise-yeshua)

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